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Many artists are inspired by their gardens and Charlotte is no exception

Charlotte has a strong connection to gardening and growing. She likes to scour the local area for foliage, and collects 'her subjects' - seasonal fruit and vegetables from farmers markets.


Sitting in a beautiful garden environment with an equally inspiring borrowed landscape, Charlotte’s weekend escape in Berry provides her with a secluded peaceful haven in which to create her work. Charlotte and her husband Stephen have spent 18 years creating this 16 acre garden. 


Her studio in the bedroom of her home in Sydney’s inner-west is jam-packed with fruit and vegetables in varying states of decay. But then again, so is much of the rest of the house, as fruit and veg are Charlotte’s muse and she delights in giving them eternal life on canvas.
Charlotte likes to sleep next to her cabbages to be able to wake and paint them in the early morning light.

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