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Charlotte Thodey is renowned for her bold renderings of fruit & vegetables - with blemishes & lusciousness intact.

Charlotte Thodey sees beauty in simple everyday things. Vegetables to her are like jewels, they have a vibrancy of their own. Charlotte has a strong connection to gardening and growing, and feels lucky to be able to paint something she considers profound and is also so quiet and singular.

She gathers her 'subjects' from local farmers' markets and is often found scouring the streets for interesting foliage.

Charlotte has exhibited her work for over 25 years in Australia, New Zealand and France. Her sumptuous artworks have featured in print publications for the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney and the Historic Houses Trust, as well as devising and illustrating books. See Exhibitions for more.

Charlotte paints her bigger works in her studio in Berry, New South Wales, surrounded by a rambling country garden. In her Sydney studio, she likes to sleep next to her cabbages, so on waking she can paint them in the early morning light. See Studio for more

Charlotte regularly teaches drawing and painting at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, the Sturt Summer School and in Berry, Cairns and Geelong.

See Classes for more.

Exhibitions & Talks


Born in New Zealand, studied art in England and life in Paris, Charlotte has painted continually and has always felt a painter first and foremost. She has exhibited her work for over 35 years throughout Australia, New Zealand and France.

See her full Resumé here:

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