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Classes held in Geelong, Blackheath Art Society and Berry CWA will be confirmed soon!

For more information about Charlotte's classes see below

Classes Calendar 2022

Classes Calendar 2021

Sturt Summer School
Still Life Painting

Sturt Art & Design School, Mittagong

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Sturt Winter School
Still Life Painting

Sturt Art & Design School,



Still Life Art Class
Maiden Theatre

Royal Botanic Gardens,

seasonal harvest RBG.png

Seasonal Harvest
Art Class

Royal Botanic Garden,

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A Visual Feast Art Class
Maiden Theatre

Royal Botanic Gardens,


Blackheath Art Society
Still Life Painting

Blackheath Art Society

Blue Mountains

Art Class Italy.png

Still Life Painting  Workshop

Art Class Italy
Todi, Italy

Charlotte teaches still life painting classes and loves nothing better than sharing her passion with students.


Class locations

Charlotte teaches at The Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney, the Sturt Summer and Winter Schools in Mittagong, the CWA in Berry, Blackheath Art Society and Cairns ARTescape Winter School, among others.


For the past eight years she has held master classes for the Friends of the Gardens, in which students come to the Royal Botanic Gardens (Sydney) to refine their skills, or sometimes simply learn how to start painting.

“I love getting together with a class of people who are as obsessed as I am about painting and beautiful seasonal produce,” she says.

“It is truly a wonderful thing to be able to block everything else out and just paint for two days. I encourage my students to find their own style and be true to themselves.”

About the classes


Charlotte's classes use seasonal fruit and vegetables to explore drawing, composition, colour, tone and light.


Classes are usually with a group of 10-14 students over 2 days. You can expect to paint between 1-3 paintings. There is respect for individual style.

Subjects include: fruit, vegetables, foliage, linen & china. The emphasis will be on the close-up observation of nature and light.

Students will learn the basics of drawing, arranging objects on the canvas and setting out the painting according to tonal values and layering colour to capture the light to reveal the fleshy essence of the subject.

Each student receives a folder of relevant information on the genre of still life, plus access to reference books.

How to Book

See Classes Calendar and click on Read More  to book with the venue.

Contact Charlotte for more info


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